Onderzoek naar historische blaasinstrumenten
              - research into historical woodwind instruments

List of Dutch woodwind instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries.- Makers' marks on Dutch woodwind instruments.        

Dissertatie: Dutch woodwind instruments and their makers,1660-1760 (uitgave KVNM, 2005).

Combined articles in English (published in the FoMHRI Quartely) about the oboes of Hendrik and Fredrik Richters (Amsterdam) - pdf-file.
Combined articles in English (published in the FoMHRI Quarterly) and Dutch (in De Bouwbrief) about Bressan recorders and windway research - pdf-file.
Michiel van Bolhuis: music and musical instruments in the catalogue of the auction of his estate (Groningen, October 16, 1764) - pdf-file

Verloop files - Musical instruments in Dutch book auctions (1623-1850)  (October 2021)- Gerard Verloop (Schagen, Netherlands) investigated thousands of historical auction catalogues for musical instruments. The results of his work (originally published in 2002 in three brochures) has been digitized  and placed on this website. Click here for the files and registers to th files - pdf-files

Haka files - scans and files related to the instruments and family history of flute makers Richard Haka and Coenraad Rijkel
  - scans of births, marriages and burials from the DTB-registers in Amsterdam
  - list of instruments and reports of instruments of Haka and Rijkel
  - witness accounts of the murder of Jan Haka (1759); inventory of the estate of Jan Haka; interrogation of Jan Steenbergen about the family connections in the Haka family; division of the properties of Jan Haka for the benefit of the children of Coenraad Rijkel

Research as a basis for the reproduction of historical recorders: English translation of my article

'Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen als Grundlage des Nachbaus historischer Blockflöten’ published in the proceedings of the symposium 'Exakte Kopie), held in 2012 by the department Musikforschung der Hochschule der Künste Bern (Switzerland).


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